Four Big Signs of Battery Trouble

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There are stages with battery trouble, just like with other car issues. If you can notice quickly that something isn’t right, that can help you to avoid bigger issues and problems like getting stranded somewhere. Here’s what Heath’s Auto Service wants you to know.

The Battery Looks Wrong

If you’re already under the hood checking things like your coolant levels or your oil, take a quick peek at the car’s battery. How does it look? If the battery’s case is bulging or cracked, that can be a sign of trouble. Look at the posts, too. If you’re seeing anything like white powdery corrosion on the posts, that’s a possible sign of trouble, too.

You’re Experiencing Weird Electrical Problems

When you’re having issues with the battery, you’re likely to have issues elsewhere in the electrical system, too. They might seem little at first, like lights that seem to dim and then come back or electrical components you plug in might not work properly all the time. It’s easy to ignore these signs, especially if they are intermittent.

The Car Is Having Trouble Starting

But then you might find that it takes more than one attempt to get your car started. This is a problem because the car relies solely on battery power to start up. It’s only once the car is running that the alternator starts sending power back to the battery and sends power to the entire electrical system. Don’t ignore this sign, thinking that it’s no big deal, because it can lead to the next big issue.

Or the Car Refuses to Start at All

Eventually you’ll find that the car just won’t start at all. That’s what happens when the battery is too run down to keep functioning. The problem might even be with the alternator and not the battery, but since the battery issues weren’t checked out before this point, you also now have a big problem with the battery. A jump start might work, but you can’t leave it at that. Get the battery and alternator checked out so that you know for sure what’s going on.

Not sure what’s going on with your car’s battery? Heath’s Auto Service at Scottsdale Airport, AZ can help. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to test your car’s battery and alternator to trace the full extend of the problem. Once we know what’s going on, you’ll know what your car needs to get back on the road safely.

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