Four Signs Your Tires Need Replacing

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It can feel so complicated to know exactly when you should replace your car’s tires. They’re an investment, and you don’t want to lose a good set of tires before you should. Here are some other signs that Heath’s Auto Service wants you to be aware of regarding your car’s tires.

Vibrations and Handling Issues

One of the signs that your tires may be having issues can be handling issues or vibrations. Your car may feel as if it starts to pull to one side while you’re driving, for instance. Uneven tread wear can be one of the culprits, but if you aren’t in the habit of making sure that your wheels are balanced or aligned regularly then that can also contribute to the handling issues.

They Need Air

Your tires have to have air in them in order to function properly. The proper tire inflation numbers are listed in your car’s owner’s manual and on a sticker inside the car. The sticker should be on the inside of the driver’s side door. When your tires are new, they’re better able to hold onto the air pressure that they should have. As they age and as they sustain damage, they’re less able to hold air properly. You’re more likely to have to stop and put air in often. 

They Don’t Look So Good

How do your tires look? They spend all of their time rolling around on the pavement, so it’s not about beauty, per se. But as your tires get more and more beat up, that’s a visual indication of how they’re doing. If you’re noticing that your tires are looking pretty worn, it’s possible that they may have reached the end of their usable life.

They’re Old

Older tires just cannot hold up to the demands of driving like brand new tires can. As your car’s tires age, the rubber starts to break down. Other parts of the tire, like the beading or the valve stems, can also start to fail. Most tires are meant to do their job for a specific timeframe or number of miles. Even if you haven’t hit that magic mile marker yet, the age of the tires could mean it’s time to replace them.

You don’t have to guess about your car’s tires, though. Contact Heath’s Auto Service today and we’ll inspect them for you. You’ll know exactly what you need to know about your car’s tires and when you should get them replaced.

Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels via Canva Pro