How Can You Tell Your Brakes Need Servicing?

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Brake problems can cover a wide range, from mild and only annoying at first to serious safety concerns. Heath’s Auto Service wants to help you to understand the mild signs so that you can get your brakes inspected sooner rather than later, avoiding those big safety risks.

You’ve Got a Brake Fluid Leak

You don’t want to see any leaks from your car, but brake fluid is definitely one you want to avoid. Your brakes operate hydraulically, which means that brake fluid helps to apply the pressure needed to stop the car. If there’s a leak, that means first that there’s not as much fluid in the lines as there should be. It also means that there’s possibly air in the lines, which is also bad.

Your Brakes Are Making Noises

Ideally, your brakes shouldn’t be making a lot of noise. You might occasionally hear some squeaks or other sounds, but if you’re consistently hearing grinding, squeaking, or squealing sounds when you apply the brakes, something is wrong. It’s important to get your brakes inspected before they completely fail.

Your Car Is Pulling to One Side as You Brake

Another problem that you need to address as soon as you notice it is any type of pulling as you brake. This happens typically because there’s a problem on one side of the car or with one wheel’s braking assembly. The faster you’re going and the harder you’re trying to brake, the more you’ll feel the pull.

The Brake Light Is On

The brake light is one you probably see every time the car turns on. You’ll also see it when you’ve got the parking brake engaged. If you see it at any other time, though, that’s the car’s onboard computer letting you know that there’s a problem somewhere in the brake system that needs to be addressed.

You’ve Got No Braking Power

The biggest sign that you have brake issues is that you press the brake pedal and have absolutely no braking power whatsoever. That’s an emergency situation and you should not drive the car in that case. Until you get the brake issue resolved, safety demands that you don’t continue to drive the car.

Your brakes are crucial in terms of driving safety, so they need to be in great condition. Heath’s Auto Service at Scottsdale Airport, AZ can inspect your brakes for you. If we do find issues, we’ll let you know exactly what it takes to get the problem repaired.

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