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A vehicle is a complex system consisting of several parts working together to facilitate motion. Tires are integral parts of a car, providing support and allowing the change of direction. They are made of tough and resilient rubber and carbon on the outside, with an inner tube with high air pressure. They protect the rim and prevent it from touching the ground. They also act as shock absorbers and support your vehicle’s load.

Tires are the most vital parts of every car wheel since they are the outermost components. The wheel also has a rim, valve system, and hub. Wheels and tires work hand in hand in facilitating the most basic function of a car, moving from one point to another. Their sizes differ according to the type of vehicle, with trucks having bigger wheels than saloon cars.

All parts of your vehicle, including the wheels, require proper care and maintenance to operate well. The wheels could get misaligned once you experience a car crash or hit a bump or pothole on the road. Driving through uneven surfaces and having worn-out tires can also cause wheel misalignment on your vehicle. Driving around with misaligned wheels is dangerous, and you could cause an accident by drifting in and out of traffic lanes. Your tire treads could also wear out rapidly due to increased friction between the car tires and the road.

Wheel alignment is a crucial procedure that enhances your vehicle’s performance. The auto repair experts in Scottsdale, AZ, provide high-quality wheel alignment services that leave your car looking good as new. Heath’s Auto Service is dedicated to providing the best solutions through our team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art technology.

Everything you need to know about wheel alignment in Scottsdale, AZ.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Tire alignment is a process that involves adjusting your vehicle’s suspension and ensuring your wheels are parallel to each other and lie perpendicular to the ground. It entails working on the system connecting your vehicle to its wheel unit rather than adjusting the wheels or tires themselves. Tire alignment ensures that your wheels work together by getting their angles adjusted.

People often assume that wheel alignment and wheel balancing are the same, but that is not the case. The wheel alignment process varies from one vehicle to another, depending on its suspension. Four-wheel alignment follows a procedure that differs from the one carried out on a wishbone suspension or a truck’s suspension. Tire balancing involves tuning up your tire set to correct the unequal weight distribution on your wheels.

It is crucial to let the experts at Heath’s Auto Service handle the wheel alignment process for your vehicle. We are licensed and certified to provide proper wheel alignment services that suit the manufacturer’s specifications.

What Do We Check During Wheel Alignment?

Proper alignment helps your vehicle improve its steering response and maintain its driving direction. Our trusted mechanics will fix any alignment issues on your car according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We correct any misalignment by examining certain angles that influence your vehicle’s drive direction. They include;

The Camber Angle

It refers to the inward or outward angle of your vehicle’s tire as it appears from the front view. Camber angles indicate whether your tires are leaning inward (negative camber) or outward (positive camber). Excessive inward or outward tilt on the tires shows that your vehicle needs an urgent wheel alignment.

The Caster Angle

It is the angle of the front suspension or steering axis that dictates the steering ability of your vehicle. The steering axis can either tilt towards the driver (positive caster) or away towards the front of your car (negative caster), especially after you hit an object.

The Toe Angle

The toe indicates the general direction in which your tires point. Toe angles show the extent of inward(toe-in) or outward(toe-out) turning of the tires from an aerial view.

Our experts will check your wheel alignment and ensure that your car is safe for the road.

When Do You Need Tire Alignment Services?

Identifying wheel misalignment on your vehicle requires high levels of awareness on your side. Most of the signs of poor wheel alignment are easily noticeable, so you should visit our auto repair shop as soon as you experience them. The signs that indicate the need for wheel alignment services include;

  1. Pulling of the vehicle to one side.
  2. A loose or sloppy steering wheel.
  3. Unusual tire wear.
  4. A vibrating steering wheel.
  5. Uneven steering wheel.
  6. Squealing tires.

After installing new tires and replacing the suspension, you should take your vehicle for alignment. Visit our repair shop as soon as you experience any problems with your vehicle’s alignment.

How Much Do Wheel Alignments Cost?

A tire alignment service cost varies according to location, but the average cost starts at around $90. Several other factors influence the price of wheel alignment in Arizona, such as;

  1. The type of wheel alignment service.
  2. The condition of your steering and suspension.
  3. Your vehicle’s model.
  4. Your vehicle’s modifications.

At Heath’s Auto Service, you will get the most affordable solutions for your alignment problems. Our alignment service comes with a free alignment check for your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment Scottsdale, AZ

Proper wheel alignment provides several benefits to your vehicle, such as improving its safety and increasing fuel efficiency. It also helps increase the lifespan of your tires, enabling you to drive smoothly. Poor alignment makes your steering pull and other parts of your vehicle wear unevenly, so you have to get wheel adjustments to avoid such issues.

Heath’s Auto Service‘s mechanics will carry out wheel alignment checks, ensuring your wheel is correctly aligned. Call us now to learn more about our auto repair services and book an appointment.

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