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You may give your car a car wash, do interior detailing, and more to ensure it looks and acts as good as new. At the same time, you would want to optimize for gas mileage and other aspects to have a sustainable drivetime experience.

That is where you want to work with the right auto repair shop in Tempe.

Heath’s Auto Service Can Meet Your Repair and Maintenance Needs

Is your car giving you unnecessary trouble? Are you worried about your engine light? Perhaps you are planning to get regular maintenance for your vehicle?

Through Heath’s Auto Service, you can fulfill all your automotive repair and restoration needs through a comprehensive service for auto repair Tempe, AZ residents rely upon. Whether you require emergency assistance or regular support, our ASE-certified technicians are just a phone call away.

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Car Repair Tempe, AZ Residents Trust With Their Vehicles

Whether you drive a coupe or own an SUV, running into car trouble can be an unavoidable fate at times. In some cases, these problems may be as minor as a flat tire. In other cases, these issues can be as serious as an engine failure.

At first, it can be difficult to find an experienced auto mechanic when you need one the most. Even when you find a skilled professional, their sky-high costs can pose another barrier to meeting your requirements. But regardless of the complexity at hand, it can be a challenge to resolve it in a timely, accessible, and affordable manner.

With Heath’s Auto Service’s commitment to offering high-quality solutions in the Grand Canyon State, we make it a point to deliver a slew of auto repair services. We ensure you get the help you need when you need it the most, thanks to our large team, specialized skills, and extensive experience.

Through this approach, we offer a range of services for auto repair Tempe, AZ, residents can count on. From quick repairs to detailed maintenance, this also covers many processes that keep your vehicle in optimal shape.

Contact Heath’s Auto Shop for your transmission, brake pads, and preventative maintenance. At affordable prices, we offer a guaranteed service that includes AC repair, emissions repair, an oil change, and more.

We Offer a Wide Range of Automotive Repair Solutions

With Heath’s Auto Service’s aim to deliver a holistic set of services under a single banner, we ensure that you don’t have to run from one mechanic to the other to take care of your vehicle.

This enables us to offer a wide range of solutions for car repair in Tempe, AZ, and gives you the convenience and comfort you deserve.

Our range of services covers the following segments:

Alignment and tires

Your vehicle’s alignment and tires are some of its most crucial components. If the alignment is out of order or the tires have lost their traction, it could cause various performance and safety issues across each drive.

With our solutions, you can receive an array of services covering alignment and tire problems. This includes alignment adjustment, tire rotation, and tire replacement to help your vehicle deliver a smooth and safe driving experience.


Brakes are one of the top matters of concern for any automobile owner. You can take care of many brake issues and ensure your safety during each drive. By looking into service for auto repair Tempe, AZ, residents can rely.

With our brake solutions, you can quickly address issues including but not limited to failed brakes, spongy brakes, car vibrations, and leaking fluid. This ensures that you don’t face any unwanted problems during any of your drives.

Engines and Transmissions

The engine and transmission of your car provide the crucial power and functionality it needs. Additionally, they also ensure that you and any passengers, motorists, and passengers around you remain safe on the road.

Our auto technicians deliver a targeted solution to common and rare problems you can face with your engine and transmission system. At the same time, we also offer scrupulous maintenance services for these components. This ensures that you resolve not only excruciating problems when they arise but also steer clear of them whenever possible.

Oil Changes and Maintenance

Performing oil changes and maintenance can be a highly tricky process regardless of your experience with owning and maintaining your vehicle. Besides being a challenge to complete, it may also have repercussions for the environment if not handled correctly.

Being mindful of these intricacies, our skilled auto technicians offer these services through our solutions for car repair in Tempe, AZ. This ensures that you can complete this requirement without stretching yourself thin.


The suspension is another important component of your automobile that ensures a seamless and safe drive for you and your loved ones. If your suspension starts experiencing performance issues, it could result in bumpy and tilted drives that are also a safety risk.

Using our experience in suspension repair and maintenance, our technicians offer suspension solutions as a part of auto repair Tempe, AZ, residents can rely upon.

Get Your Vehicle Repaired and Maintained Through Heath’s Auto Service Today!

If you are in Tempe, AZ 85284 and love a seamless experience as you drive on Broadway Rd and the surrounding area, work with our ASE-certified mechanics today. We can work on everything from fleet to individual cars and help our clients avoid expensive repairs.

At Heath’s Auto Service, we understand the anxiety resulting from a lack of high-quality auto repair services. For this reason, we ensure that our growing and seasoned team of professionals is always up to the challenge of fixing, restoring, and maintaining your vehicle’s components.

Despite this assurance, we also prioritize competitive pricing for our solutions. This ensures that you don’t have to bargain your financial comfort for smooth and safe drives at any point in time. As a result, our services ensure you can keep your vehicle performing at peak levels without breaking the bank.

We offer certified technicians, a loaner vehicle, the latest diagnostic equipment, and free shuttle service for those who need auto repair in Tempe. If you are looking for an interstate auto repair shop with ASE-certified technicians that can offer proper alignment, brake pedal help, and more for a fair price, reach out to our team today.


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