Does Your Check Engine Light Seem Stuck “On”?

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It’s never a good feeling to have that check engine light pop on, but it’s usually not imminent catastrophic damage. There’s usually something else going on elsewhere that is starting to affect your car’s engine. Here’s what Heath’s Auto Service wants you to know.

Exhaust System Issues

The exhaust system works more closely with engine performance than a lot of car owners think. Your car’s exhaust removes exhaust fumes from the engine, converts those fumes to less harmful fumes, and then makes sure they leave the car completely. If the exhaust is dropping the ball anywhere in that process, that affects how well the engine can function and you’ll see a check engine light.

Fuel System Issues

Fuel is crucial for your car’s engine, and when something isn’t right somewhere in the fuel system, that’s a big problem. At first, you might just hear a few more knocks and pings than usual. It might not even seem like that big of a deal. But over time, those issues get worse and the knocks and pings start to damage the engine even more. That’s what the check engine light is trying to warn you about.

Spark Problems

Without spark, or with poorly timed spark, your car’s engine has trouble working properly. That might be what’s contributing to your check engine light situation, and it’s a subtle enough problem that you might not realize what’s happening. Diagnostic testing can help to find this problem so you can get it resolved.

Computer or Sensor Failure

Your car’s computer gathers information from all over your car via a variety of different sensors. If those sensors, or the computer itself, aren’t working properly, that means that the engine is going to very quickly be affected. The check engine light is your warning that you need to look closer.

Transmission Trouble

As with the exhaust system, you might be surprised to learn that the transmission and the engine really do work very closely to keep your car moving. A problem in the transmission will eventually have a big effect on your car’s engine. If the situation is getting close tot hat point, you’re going to see the check engine light.

Ignoring the check engine light or hoping it will go away is not a solid plan. Give us a call at Heath’s Auto Service at Scottsdale Airport, AZ today. We’ll diagnose the problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Photo by BDoty from Getty Images via Canva Pro