Why Isn’t it Safe to Skip Oil Changes?

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Have you ever gone a bit longer than you really should have between oil changes? Pretty much every car owner has now and again, but Heath’s Auto Service wants to remind you that this can actually be a bad idea for the life of your car.

Your Car’s Gas Mileage Worsens

Bad gas mileage is a bummer, but there’s more to it than that. Gas mileage that isn’t as good as you expect it to be means that your car is not using fuel efficiently. Either too much is getting into the engine or the gas that is getting to the engine is not burning properly. Regardless, this is a symptom of bigger issues and if you’ve been skipping oil changes, the gas mileage is your clue to get back on track.

The Engine Could Overheat

Most people know that engine oil is there to keep the engine lubricated. But were you aware that engine oil also keeps the engine cooler? It really does. And if you’re way overdue, or completely skipping, oil changes it’s possible that your car’s engine is getting too hot, too often. That can eventually lead to big problems with overheating even if you’ve got enough antifreeze.

You’re Making the Engine Work Harder Overall

The real problem, of course, is that by skipping oil changes you’re causing the car’s engine to work harder than it is designed to work. That’s a problem because it increases engine wear and makes oil break down even faster. So even if that engine oil had some life left in it, the fact that the engine is running hotter and working harder means that the oil is just continuing to break down.

Eventually, You May See Engine Failure

Wait too long and you’ll see something that you never want to see: The check engine light. That’s your warning that you may have gotten dangerously close to engine failure. If you respond quickly enough, you might still be able to save your car’s engine. But if you keep ignoring oil changes, you may not have a chance to do much about the damage. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of routine preventative services.

Concerned about your car’s oil? Bring it to Heath’s Auto Service at Scottsdale Airport, AZ and we’ll take a closer look. We’ll help you to determine how bad the situation is and help you to remember to get your car’s oil changed regularly.

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