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Car Air Filter Replacement Cost

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On average, a car air filter replacement will cost between $58-$75. However, there are a few factors outlined below that can affect the overall cost of this automotive service.

How Much Does A Car Air Filter Replacement Cost?

When replacing your car’s air filter at an automotive shop, you are paying for a combination of labor and parts. Typically, labor costs are between $27-$33. Parts, meanwhile, are generally priced between $31-$41.

It’s important to note this price range does not take into account taxes, fees, and other factors unique to your location. As mentioned, most drivers can expect to pay $58-$75 for this replacement.

*These are cost estimates according to Repairpal. Contact the team at Heath’s Auto Service for more information!

How Are Air Filter Issues Diagnosed?

A simple visual inspection of the air filter will suffice. Your auto technician will open the air filter box and then remove said air filter. The airbox is then inspected for road debris and will be assessed for cleanliness.

How Is The Air Filter Replaced?

The procedure is ultimately the same as the inspection. Your technician will open the filter box and remove the filter. Generally, the filter is a cartridge that can be swapped out. Some luxury vehicles will have two filters in separate air boxes. Both need to be changed out at the same time.

DIY Vs Professional Air Filter Replacement

The majority of air filters are quite easy to replace. However, it is very important to follow the proper procedures in order to replace the air filter in your specific car. Certain cars may require some tools to access the filter box. It’s always best to contact the professionals for this task.

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