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Is A Brake Fluid Flush Really Necessary?

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If you are wondering if a brake fluid flush is really necessary for the health of your vehicle, the answer is yes! Your braking system relies on the hydraulic fluid to increase the pressure of your foot on the pedal. Brake fluid flushes/changes are part of routine vehicle maintenance.

Why Is A Barke Fluid Flush Necessary?

Brakes typically face three primary issues, which ultimately leads to the necessity of a brake fluid flush.

  • The process of braking generates heat, breaking down and wearing away at the brake fluid.
  • Braking process leaves some moisture behind. This can lead brakes to rust.
  • Particles of rubber, metal, and other debris can contaminate this solution over time.

When left unattended, these problems can lead to decreased brake performance. This can, unfortunately, lead to a complete brake failure.

What Happens During A Break Fluid Flush?

This service requires a careful process to ensure proper brake functionality. Skilled and experienced auto care professionals will be able to complete a brake fluid flush process quickly and effectively.

The four major components of this process include the following:

  • Cleaning out debris: The professionals will clean out your braking system to make sure there is no debris present.
  • Draining hydraulic fluid: Professionals will remove old, worn, and depleted hydraulic fluid.
  • Checking for rusted braking components: If there is any rust or corrosion present, the professionals may have to replace wheel cylinders, calipers, or any other rusted metal components.
  • Removing brake fluid: This service is completed when the system is filled with fresh brake fluid, essentially renewing your braking performance.

How Often Do You Need A Brake Fluid Flush?

The professionals recommend a brake fluid flush every 30,000 miles or 2 years. Your regular driving and braking patterns can alter the recommended timeline, however. For instance, if your daily commute includes long stretches on the highway, you could be racking up lots of miles without a ton of braking.

This will put less stress on the system, which allows drivers to wait the full 30,000 miles before getting a flush. For drivers with shorter yet brake-heavy daily commutes, it’s recommended to get a flush at the 2-year mark. Factors like vehicle make, model, and year can alter the recommended timeline for the brake fluid flushes.

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